Have you ever wondered what you should do with those extra household staffs that you do not use frequently but cannot just throw them out? They are lying here and there, and you can see how space-consuming they are. In other cases, you may need to relocate to a new city for a few months and need to store some of your extra items in a secure place for that period; till you come back to your old nest. In both these situations, you need a reliable and useful storage in Belfast. You may find several storage facilities in this city, but how to select the best one for you.

Know the Best Features of a Good Storage Facility

Proper Security of the Place

The facility must have the right security for the storage units to keep your belongings protected. If 24×7 hours manual guards cannot be hired, then at least the place should have an advanced CCTV system with proper monitoring and response units. The site must have ample outdoor, and indoor lighting and the units should be strong enough so that thieves cannot break them down. Besides, the storage facility should have the BT Redcare alarm signalling system to get alarms in case of trespassing. This is needed to keep the place secure and under proper surveillance. 

Easy Access to the Storage Units

As the owner, you should have easy access to your storage units. There should be keys that can be handled only by you or someone you have given written permission. If the units have digital locks, then you need to know the passwords or the numbers. In some cases, the units can be opened with fingerprints, and that is a great way to secure your items. However, you need to check when and how you can get that access. It should be flexible as per your timing and needs.

Climate-Controlled Units

You may have items that should be exposed in direct sunlight, or heavy cold can damage some of your items too. In such a situation, you need to look for the storage Belfast units that are specially made to keep the things inside protected from the harsh weather condition. The facility should offer you climate control lockers or units so that you can pack your delicate items properly to keep them safe from extreme weather conditions. 

Flawless Customer Service

The main business of storage facilities depends upon a strong bond between the customers and the service providers. Hence, they must have an excellent customer service team to answer the questions of the clients, make them satisfied and happy with the right services. The company must understand what you need from them and are ready to provide you with the same at an affordable cost.

If you are looking for such a reliable and professional storage facility in Belfast, then Mackenzie is the right name for you. We offer professional removal and storage services to our clients for their domestic and commercial belongings. Please feel free to talk to our executives over the phone to understand what we can offer you.